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Payment Schedule

We're changing the way you order a Moby1. Now all we need to place your order is a 25% down payment! The other 75% is taken toward the end of production.

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25% Down Payment

To order your Moby1 and secure your place in our build queue we require 25% of the contract price. That's good news! It requires a less significant initial investment from you to get your Moby1 into the build queue.  This payment guarantees your spot in line. 

Example of 25% payment: $6,375 for an XTR Level 1

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50% Production Payment

When your trailer enters production status we will collect another 50% of the trailer cost. Every Moby1 trailer is an investment, this 50% production payment will better allow us to purchase materials for your trailer when they are needed. This gives you, the customer, greater peace of mind that your investment is in safe hands.

Example of 50% Payment: $12,750 for an XTR Level 1

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25% Delivery Payment

We get it, you don't want to give all of your money to us before you have your Moby1 in your possession. We will notify you when your Moby1 is completed and you can arrange to pick it up or have it delivered and you can pay the final amount due then.

Example of 25% Delivery Payment: $6,375 for an XTR Level 1