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Based on the ideals of small teardrop trailers from the 1930s, the XTR expands the envelope to provide an extremely capable camping platform. With an average weight of around 2500 pounds, the XTR can be towed behind most 4x4s.

Heavy Duty Frame

The XTR sits on a heavy-duty steel frame, designed to be well-mannered on the road, but bred to take the toughest of abuse off-road. The frame features front guards as standard, as well as integral steel fenders wrapped in diamond plate.


Independent Suspension

Possibly the most important aspect of the XTR, the suspension. The XTR features an independent coil-sprung, trailing A-arm suspension. This suspension operates very smoothly off-road, providing over 5 inches of travel and over 24 inches of ground clearance.


The XTR offers extreme versatility. Camping space is not just limited to the trailer cabin. With options to add a rooftop tent and awnings, the capacity increases, adding the capability to provide sleeping space for up to and possibly more than 10 people!