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Moby1 XTR

XTR series with trailing A-arm coil spring suspension, 3500lb axles, Fox Racing shocks, beautiful hardwood cabinetry, two locking cabin doors with deadbolts, 5" mattress, exo skeletal frame and fender support and protection, receiver tongue. 10” electric brakes with single lever dual action park brake. Equipped with LED tail lights, width and side markers. Standard 54” width & 31 x 10.50 R16 or 265/75 R16 all terrain tires. 1800 lbs base model curb weight dry (54″ model). Optional equipment shown not included.


Starting price

1,800 lbs

Base curb weight dry


Standard width


Suspension travel

The ultimate escape and adventure lifestyle trailer.

The XTR is built around the principle that one can hook up their vehicle to a compact but fully self-contained trailer and head out into the wilderness and not look back.  The concept behind the Moby1 is to make your journey into rugged and remote locations as comfortable and convenient as possible, to be light and mobile.  With a compact package based on the design of a traditional teardrop trailer, with an interior bed and cabinetry for clothing and gear, it enables you to live outdoors, connecting with nature around you, cooking in an open air galley and relaxing under the shelter of the large awning.  

The comforts and functionality that are afforded by the XTR will enhance your time decompressing from the stress and strain of life.  Our trailers are crafted with all of our components picked from suppliers as the highest quality available.  Many of our components are designed and built in house especially for this trailer. The XTR enables the ability to keep all of your camping, adventure gear and supplies ready to launch into your next adventure at a moments notice.  Not having to waste precious down time and spend hours loading, unloading and setting up is priceless.  The XTR was built with the ability to travel the globe, spending days even weeks unplugged from expectations and chaos of every day life.  

With the addition many options such as deep cycle battery power, a roof top tent, solar panels, portable toilet, tankless water heater, outdoor hand held shower, a sink for clean up and meal prep, generous working surface, water and fuel storage, 12v fridge-freezer, powered cabin vent fan, A/C unit or sunroof hatch, and more your adventure lifestyle awaits!  Whether your trips are several week long expeditions, or simple weekend getaways, the XTR will enhance your journey.  It is capable of tackling any terrain where your ventures may take you.  With 10-12" of travel on independent trailing A-arm and coil suspension with adjustable shocks it will glide smoothly across rough terrain, effortlessly absorbing the abuse of endless miles of washboard (corrugation) roads, steps, drops and bumps of gnarly off-road adventures.  It’s frame has reinforcements for durability, protection and long life in rough service conditions. Forays into very difficult terrain are no problem when paired with a multi-axis style coupler.  Your physical body and tow vehicle will cry for mercy long before the XTR complains on rough terrain.  We have witnessed vehicles fall apart and disintegrate from harsh off-road conditions while the XTR executed the routes flawlessly without complaint.

 They fill unique rolls as full time residence, mental health wellness escape vehicles, oil and gas field and geology shelters, weekend getaways and even serving as a way to enable a life long dream to escape through independent adventure touring while viewing and photographing the beautiful scenery that our world affords us.

Hear that?  Its your personal adventurous lifestyle calling!

Base prices start at $18,500.00

Standard Features

The XTR series comes standard with our excellent trailing A-arm coil sprung suspension with up to 12" of total travel.  Coils are tried and true and with last for years over rugged terrain without complaint.  3500lb axle spindles and now featuring Fox Racing Smooth body 2.0 custom valved shocks.  Beautiful but functional cabinetry, two cabin doors, body protective frame support steps and fender support and protection, 10” electric brakes with single lever, dual action park brake, receiver tongue for use with multiple coupler options. Also standard is all LED trailer lighting to meet federal requirements and make it easy to monitor your trailer when towing in the dark.  A 46" interior height makes it comfortable for sitting upright in the evenings and with inclement weather.  Standard model is 54″ (4.5′) width x 108″ (9') cabin length.  Also standard are 31 x 10.50 R16 or 265/75 R16 all terrain tires on custom aluminum wheels.

The XTR is available in ,54″ (4.5′) x 108″ featuring a full or double size mattress and our most popular by far is the 60″ (5′) x 108″ width featuring a queen size mattress.    Our custom aluminum rims are available up to 18" wheel sizes and tires up to 37″.

* A multi-axis coupler or a swiveling pintle hitch are a required for serious off-road adventure travel.

Optional Features

An extensive array of options make the XTR a fully self contained unit.  Options include; Roof Top Tent with capacity of up to 5-6 (bringing total capacity of up to 8 or more with the annex packages), a sink with running hot and cold water, tank-less on demand hot water heater, fully integrated propane forced air cabin heater, outdoor shower, and featuring our Hannibal, heavy duty free standing awning (no legs or guy lines to trip over) with available side wall panels, cabin air conditioning, solar panels, portable toilet, generator and much more to support and sustain life and comfort on your remote back country expeditions, or those a little closer to home.