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Moby1 RT Road Tour

RT series available with all options in a road only model (light gravel roads okay). Standard features; 1 door, 2 21×15 sliding tinted screen windows, full interior cabinetry, full galley w/ cooler tray & stove tray. Anodized aluminum skin, LED tail lights & side marker light when required, 4” foam mattress 750 lbs empty (48” model) Optional equipment shown not included.


Starting price

750 lbs

Curb weight dry


Standard width


Standard Road Tires

Road Touring Teardrop Trailer

The RT is a road touring trailer with standard size road tires. It is perfect for touring your favorite roads, getting to your traditional campgrounds or even the occasional dirt track roads. The RT is a versatile platform to bring more comfort, protection and fun to your camping adventure life style.  The RT is currently being re-engineered to be more like its bigger siblings the XTR and XC trailers. It will be featuring curved fenders and will support nearly all of the options that an XTR does.  The cabin bodies are the same, the frame and suspension are the main differences with the RT.

Like our other two full sized model platforms, the RT is equipped with a full size galley, and has cabinetry in both the galley and the cabin compartments. It is available with any number of options including roof racks, roof top tents, sunroof, stereo/DVD players, even hot running water, shower etc. The possibilities are endless. With options to have wheels and tire sizes specified to match your vehicle, whether you drive a mini van, an SUV, cross over or even a sports car we can match it.

The RT platform is a perfect solution for retired couples who travel to visit their grown children. No more feeling cramped, uncomfortable or in the way, you just bring your own spare room with you. It is available in 48″, 54″ and 60″ (4’, 4.5’, and 5’) widths.

The 48” fits a “3/4 Full” size mattress, 54 fits a Full size mattress and 60” fits a Queen 60”x 80” mattress.  Bodies have a total length of 108"

Prices starting at $14,000