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Moby1 C2 Compact / Cycle

Compact/Cycle 40” or 48” W x 80” long Standard Features; 1 locking door w/ deadbolt, 21×15 screened & tinted slider windows 5” foam mattress 280-320 lbs empty Optional equipment shown not included.


Starting price

280-320 lbs

Curb weight dry

40" or 48"

Standard width


Standard length

Compact / Cycle Teardrop Trailer

Moby1 C2 - compact / cycle teardrop trailer

Moby1 C2 - compact / cycle teardrop trailer

The C2 is our compact/cycle trailer, perfect behind a bike or small cars too!   It is a short body trailer at 80″ long, with the body the full length of the mattress.  It’s light weight provides all the joys and fun that are embodied in teardrop trailers.  Starting less than 300lbs, its low curb weight makes it perfect for a motorcycle or even a sub-compact car.  The C2 pulls so fantastic behind a motorcycle you won’t even notice it is there.  Your weaves and carves will be just as smooth and effortless as before but with the comfort and protection of a hard sided trailer and a convenient galley.

We have two widths available, 40″ and 48″. This model has a half galley with cabinets and a counter top work space for cooking and cleanup and interior cabinets in the cabin for storage of clothing and gear. The C2 has rim sizes available from 12″ to 15″ and available with low profile tires for a sporty let’s go attitude.

As with all our models we will custom fit your trailer to your needs and desires.

Prices starting at $6,500